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What a Bear Mauling Can Teach Us (besides humor)

This New York born romantic spent his summers camped along Alaskan salmon streams, filming himself at the wildest and free-rangiest petting zoo on Earth. Most of his videos show him trembling with excitement as he explains why a furry, 900 pound assassin is nuzzling at his pocket. “I understand the bears,” he’d giggle moronically, “And they understand me.”


Do you remember having to clean your room when you were 10?
Remember how you would fight it and then, when the threats escalated, you would do just enough to qualify for dinner?
You did enough to get by, and most of that time was spent sulking, imagining how bad they’d feel if you went blind.
But do you also remember that time you got so mad you punished your parents by taking all day to clean it?

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