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Be Your own Great Boss

We all dream of being our own boss, but only some of us have made it a reality. For those who haven’t made the jump yet: Come on in, the water’s fine.

Why We Won’t Be Talking Politics

They got me. I did used to believe in a tiny winged woman who paid me to lose teeth.

Here is a partial list of other things I’ve believed at some point:

Hit Them With The Carrot

When it comes to motivating employees, save on your stick budget and just hit them with the carrot.

Yar Matey

If it was possible to get a crew to want to work under these conditions, how hard can it be to get Cindy from accounting to stop annoying everyone and just do her job?

What Not to do at Subway

My request seemed reasonable at the time. I was, after all, the customer, and it isn’t like he was Henry Ford and I was asking for a white Model T. As I drove away with my laughing hysterically daughter, I wondered if my company also does this. Do we make it hard for a customer to do business with us?

What a Bear Mauling Can Teach Us (besides humor)

This New York born romantic spent his summers camped along Alaskan salmon streams, filming himself at the wildest and free-rangiest petting zoo on Earth. Most of his videos show him trembling with excitement as he explains why a furry, 900 pound assassin is nuzzling at his pocket. “I understand the bears,” he’d giggle moronically, “And they understand me.”

Is It Even Possible to Cook a Steak in a Dishwasher?

I agreed. Our only other dinner option was the Mix and Match – 2 Hot Dogs for $2.49 deal at the 7-11, and after a long holiday weekend neither of us was feeling that reckless.

A Lesson From Lindy – Success Through Independence

The employees who control their own destiny will be your Charles Lindberghs — pioneers and achievers for whom the sky is the limit.

Let Me Axe You This

A friend asked me to go antelope hunting yesterday but I said no. First of all I don’t hunt, and secondly I’m still freaked out by the recent Lysteria outbreak.

I Would Have Written a Longer Post but the Sun was in My Eyes

Everyone who fails to complete a marathon could have a statement “I got _________ and had to drop out.” So what? The fact is that you dropped out for the same reason that 5 billion of us don’t run marathons. You weren’t fit enough to do it.


Do you remember having to clean your room when you were 10?
Remember how you would fight it and then, when the threats escalated, you would do just enough to qualify for dinner?
You did enough to get by, and most of that time was spent sulking, imagining how bad they’d feel if you went blind.
But do you also remember that time you got so mad you punished your parents by taking all day to clean it?