The Extra Mile Advantage
makes the difference.


We teach The Extra Mile (and other Work-Ethic ideas) to your employees so that you don’t have to.  



  • successful companies have good employees.
  • good employees are happy.
  • they’re happy when they know how to succeed.
  • they’ll hear it better from an outsider .


All programs include a copy of the fantastic book EVERYONE HAS A BOSS for each employee, and take place at your location or ours.

Here are the ready-made topics:

  • THE NEXT MILE - A 30 minute ‘Lunch Talk’ about ‘why doing more than you’re asked to do actually makes life easier.’
  • WE ALL HAVE A BOSS 30 minutes. Understanding the importance of being coach-able.
  • A MESSAGE TO GARCIA –  30 minutes. Being the person who can work unsupervised. (copy)
  • THE TOP 8 WAYS TO IMPRESS YOUR BOSS 30 minutes. A discussion of the 8 things that keep you from being promoted.
  • EVERYONE’S IN SALES –  30 minutes. A basic course on the fundamentals of being likeable to customers.
  • LEARN TO FOLLOW/LEARN TO LEAD –  30 minutes. Basic leadership course.

Here are some upper-level classes.

David is a funny and sincere speaker.  More importantly, workers relate and actually hear him. 


Get The Extra Mile Advantage for your company today!


There’s more to the EHAB philosophy.