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Is It Even Possible to Cook a Steak in a Dishwasher?

I agreed. Our only other dinner option was the Mix and Match – 2 Hot Dogs for $2.49 deal at the 7-11, and after a long holiday weekend neither of us was feeling that reckless.

Member Retention as a Profitable Alternative to Sales

Up until now, we’ve thought of the sales staff as the Maitre d’ Hotel of a restaurant – responsible for the welfare of the diners throughout their supper. Instead, we should think of them as the human sign-board on the sidewalk. The salesman’s job is to get customers through the door, and the staff will take care of it from there.

Skyscaping – Vanity Branding for a New Generation

Skyscaping may seem a little gimmicky, and unlikely to be a useful advertising tool yet, but consider this: 10 years ago no one reading this had access to aerial images of the entire world. Today, we all do, and the image quality is improving every year. Millions of people use Google Earth for directions (instead of a two-dimensional map) and millions more also use GE ‘just to look at things because it’s so danged cool.’

A Lesson From Lindy – Success Through Independence

The employees who control their own destiny will be your Charles Lindberghs — pioneers and achievers for whom the sky is the limit.

Let Me Axe You This

A friend asked me to go antelope hunting yesterday but I said no. First of all I don’t hunt, and secondly I’m still freaked out by the recent Lysteria outbreak.

Slacker Wanted: Immediate Openings

**Leaving previous employment because of terrible manager is not considered initiative

If You Want to Lead, You’d Better Know How to Follow

So how do you go from being a poor kid from Denver to an NBA Superstar?

If You Have Only 1 Positive Quality – Make it This:

The relative peace gave me time to think and I wondered: Is there one employee trait that’s more necessary than the others? What skill would I want if I could pick only one?

Don’t Have A Job? Well, Then You Can’t Work Here!

Can this be right?

1 Soccer Rule That Applies to You (Even If You Hate Soccer)

On this occasion, she broke out her accumulated knowledge of the beautiful game and boldly stated: “What I don’t like about soccer is that the end of the game is arbitrary.”

Is Our Lack of Jobs Really Dr. MLK’s Fault?

It turns out that the MLK Memorial, which is being dedicated this week, was made in China because the Foundation would save $8 million dollars. One black sculptor, Ed Dwight, said: “Dr. King would be turning over in his grave” if he knew that his monument was made in China.

How Your Cash-Back Credit Card Has Ruined The Local Economy – Thanks

When you wake up one morning to no hot water and hire a plumber you have a choice: Do you pay $1000 with a check, or use the Capital One card that will give you back $10?

Everything You Need to Know About Economics in 30 Seconds or Less

A handful of baby porcupines is more expensive than you’d think. You may have to settle for the used Green Day CD instead. But that’s your choice.

Turning $200 into $800 (in 6 seconds)

I watched the $200 AMEX giftcard auction, and it sold for $804.59.

My New Career (can be yours too if you show a little pluck.)

I know a lot of people from church, and they’re always donating money to Africa, or Africans or something. I care about Africa as much as the next guy, so I decided to start a charity.