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Member Retention as a Profitable Alternative to Sales

Up until now, we’ve thought of the sales staff as the Maitre d’ Hotel of a restaurant – responsible for the welfare of the diners throughout their supper. Instead, we should think of them as the human sign-board on the sidewalk. The salesman’s job is to get customers through the door, and the staff will take care of it from there.

Skyscaping – Vanity Branding for a New Generation

Skyscaping may seem a little gimmicky, and unlikely to be a useful advertising tool yet, but consider this: 10 years ago no one reading this had access to aerial images of the entire world. Today, we all do, and the image quality is improving every year. Millions of people use Google Earth for directions (instead of a two-dimensional map) and millions more also use GE ‘just to look at things because it’s so danged cool.’

Is Our Lack of Jobs Really Dr. MLK’s Fault?

It turns out that the MLK Memorial, which is being dedicated this week, was made in China because the Foundation would save $8 million dollars. One black sculptor, Ed Dwight, said: “Dr. King would be turning over in his grave” if he knew that his monument was made in China.

MLK Everyone has a boss