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The book that everyone’s talking about…will change the way you work.

 When Dad told us to ‘get a job,’ he didn’t tell us how to be good at it. No one did.                                                 

 Well grab a seat, and let a Combat Marine break it down for you:

  1. If you want success (and happiness) at work, you need to know the rules. You may not like ‘em – but they still apply to you.
  2. And until you know what your boss knows, you’ll be the one without the yacht and the cuff-links. You’ll be pushing the broom.

Everyone Has A Boss is fast, funny, and to the point.   See what people are saying about it.

Here’s what’s in it:

  • The lessons that most people spend a lifetime learning.
  • How a good work ethic makes your life easier.
  • Sure-fired ways to get a better job today.
  • 151 entertaining pages.

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Do you WANT to be the one pushing the broom?



Having a sweet phone voice and knowing QuickBooks is great, but what a boss really wants is someone who helps the business succeed.  Someone who’ll finish tasks and not ask  ”Where is it?” when they’re told to get the Johnson file .



Whether you’re blue or white collar, becoming a better employee is in your own best interest. Buy it today, and be worth more tomorrow.   GET IT NOW




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Even the President has a Boss (EHAB 1st edition)