Whenever I meet a kid who’s a picky eater I assume it’s because someone told him he was. Not necessarily to his face, but the kid might have heard mom say “He doesn’t like vegetables” – and believed it.

Sales for dummies: Enough about you

What can you do for me? By David Sneed   Several months ago, I learned Word Press to remake my own website because I was tired of waiting for help when I needed to update content. After I finished creating it, I realized that my layout was flat, colorless and boring. So I advertised for assistance […]

What a Bear Mauling Can Teach Us (besides humor)

This New York born romantic spent his summers camped along Alaskan salmon streams, filming himself at the wildest and free-rangiest petting zoo on Earth. Most of his videos show him trembling with excitement as he explains why a furry, 900 pound assassin is nuzzling at his pocket. “I understand the bears,” he’d giggle moronically, “And they understand me.”