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How not to answer: “What is your greatest weakness?” at an interview.

    Interviewer:  And what is your greatest weakness? Candidate: My Honesty. Interviewer: I don't think honesty is considered a weakness. Candidate: I don't give a damn what you think.       … [Read more]

Gorden Ramsey and the Karate Kid walk into a bar…full of Marines

If you want to lead you must first learn to follow. Ben Franklin said that. And if you want to be a Corporal in the Marines, you have to be a Private first. How about a famous Chef? You’ll peel potatoes long before you’re the next Wolfgang … [Read more]


A tragedy was unfolding at the booth behind me:   Waitress: And what can I get for him, Chicken Tenders? Mom: No, he doesn’t like those. Waitress: Hamburger? Mom: Uh, no; he’s a picky eater. Do you have a kid’s quesadilla? Waitress: How … [Read more]

Marketing: Less is so much more

Get your five-second degree By David Sneed   It seems like everyone’s in marketing these days, and that makes sense. We’re all peddling our wares 24/7 so we might as well use the moniker. The only umbrage I take with it is that many … [Read more]

The secret to customer satisfaction

It's not a trick or a gimmick By David Sneed   After fencing for 21 years, I’m considered an old timer in my industry.  I’ve seen new companies sprout up daily - rarely lasting more than a season or two - started by former industry … [Read more]

Sales for dummies: Enough about you

What can you do for me? By David Sneed   Several months ago, I learned Word Press to remake my own website because I was tired of waiting for help when I needed to update content. After I finished creating it, I realized that my layout … [Read more]

Be Your own Great Boss

We all dream of being our own boss, but only some of us have made it a reality. For those who haven't made the jump yet: Come on in, the water's fine. If you want to beat the odds and have your small business succeed though, it will depend entirely … [Read more]

Why We Won’t Be Talking Politics

If I were in politics, reporters would have a field day. “I see, Mr Sneed, that you support restricting payment for dental losses - so why is it that in 1975 you left three molars under your pillow and collected $1.50?” They got me. I did used to … [Read more]

Hit Them With The Carrot

When it comes to motivating employees, save on your stick budget and just hit them with the carrot. That may sound glib, but I’m serious. Here’s a specific technique that’s effective for both discipline and motivation – two things so intertwined … [Read more]

We Still Have Quality, We Just Don’t Have Patience

On my credenza sits a tulipwood box made in 1738 by E.S. I know the date and builder because he carved these facts into the base. Several weeks ago I pointed out the craftsmanship to an unimpressed visitor who explained: “Well, they had a lot more … [Read more]

And That’s Why We Always Leave A Note

Timothy Treadwell loved grizzly bears.   This New York born romantic summered along Alaskan salmon streams, filming himself at the wildest, free-rangiest petting zoo on Earth. Most of his videos show him trembling with excitement as he … [Read more]

Yar Matey

Have you ever seen a nautical movie and dreamed of living a sailor’s life? We dream that silly dream because we don’t really understand how hard their job was. No matter how cold and wet you were (very and always), you still had to do the … [Read more]

What Not to do at Subway

A couple years ago I took my daughter to lunch. I won’t say where but, if you want a hint, its name is a way to get around (and, oddly enough, they sell a meat/bread product named for a different form of conveyance). This was my first time here … [Read more]

What a Bear Mauling Can Teach Us (besides humor)

Timothy Treadwell loved grizzly bears.   This New York born romantic spent his summers camped along Alaskan salmon streams, filming himself at the wildest and free-rangiest petting zoo on Earth. Most of his videos show him trembling with … [Read more]

Are You There God? It’s Me, Tim Tebow

God, apparently, is a Broncos fan. That’s good news because ever since Elway left (and someone thought Josh McDaniel was a football coach) we’ve needed the help. Of course, to be completely honest, I don’t believe much of what I’ve written so … [Read more]